About Ommik

Ommik is a unique brand from the North of Europe. I am passionate about interior design, home décor, sustainability in DIY projects and home improvements & makeovers.

Ommik is a slang word in the Estonian language, which means “Good morning” in a very friendly and informal way. It perfectly represents my vision, I am fun, welcoming and friendly.

About Blog

Ommik blog is the heart of Ommik. I update the high-quality content regularly and am always happy to share everything with you – from DIY projects and ideas to home décor trends and introductions of interior designers and their work. I hope the blog will inspire you and bring a little piece of Scandinavian and Nordic feel into your home.

Sustainable DIY projects

The keyword is sustainable. I care about our planet, therefore we want to use as few resources as possible by re-using existing ones. The choices of materials are also crucial for me, as they should be recyclable and eco-friendly. Hope you will get inspired and join my movement. Use the #ommik hashtag on social networks to share your DIY projects with me!

Home Improvements

We love to improve our home. Nordic homes are the cosiest places in the world. Due to cold winters and mild summers, we spend way too much time at home, so for me, it is important to improve my home so I would want to stay.

My home improvement tips and home makeovers are easy to reproduce. I hope you will enjoy the transformations and advice.

Home Décor

About Dennis Peld, the owner of Ommik

Home décor is what makes our spaces homey. Furniture brings functionality, home décor provides emotions. I love to explore new home décor trends and share my finds with our readers.

Interior Design

One more place to get inspired. Even if you are happy with your current interior design, in a year or two it would make sense to change things and give your space a little boost. Have a look at my carefully selected interior designs and bookmark! Maybe it will be your next project?

About Shop

Ommik shop is a place where you can get supplies for your next DIY project, find beautiful home décor pieces and last, but not least, get a surprise box with home décor items for you or your loved ones as a gift! Everything sustainable.

Founder & CEO

The founder & CEO of Ommik is Dennis Peld, a 30+ years old Estonian-Swedish mix based in creative and vibrant Berlin.