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18 June, 2021
How to move a fridge without scratching the floor?

#4. How to move a fridge without scratching the floor?

Question How to move a fridge without scratching the floor? Answers Lift half slide in a towel or an old blanket then pull the blanket or […]
16 June, 2021
How to fix peeling paint on the wall

#3. How to fix peeling paint?

Question What do I use to fix this peeling paint on the wall? My husband put up and then ripped out one of those UV toothbrush […]
13 June, 2021

Ommik on YouTube: Getting rid of cable spaghetti at home office

In today’s video, I am going to show you guys how I have organized my home office desk and hid the massive portion cable spaghetti. At […]
9 June, 2021
How to remove wood stain from house siding

#2. How to remove wood stain and paint from house siding?

Question How to remove wood stain from house siding? My daughter decided she was going to be an artist while I was at work today. Answers […]
7 June, 2021
Nook to re-design

#1. How to make this nook Airbnb ready?

Question I have this nook and I don’t know what to do with it. We will Airbnb the house and I’m concerned with kids jumping over […]
3 June, 2021

Ommik on YouTube: DIYing a stunning art gallery wall using a simple trick

Before I jump into today’s video about the DIY of an art gallery wall, I would like to give you a little update. In my last […]
18 May, 2021
Group cocktail chair

Fresh decor finds in May 2021

In May’s batch of fresh decor finds I wanted to … Decor finds in May 2021 “Group” cocktail chair Canadian designer Philippe Malouin created these unique […]
16 May, 2021

Ommik on YouTube: Chest of drawers makeover. Found, flipped, sold for 100 €

In this video, I am going to do a chest of drawers makeover. For those who don’t know me, I live in Berlin, Germany. One of […]
14 May, 2021
Incredible bathrooms designs

10 incredible bathroom designs to get inspired

Inspiration is a funny thing. You can get inspired by seeing something absolutely unrelated, but I want you to get inspired with real incredible bathroom designs […]
12 May, 2021
DIY essentials

DIY essentials: affordable tools and materials you absolutely need to start crafting at home

As you all may know, I started showcasing my DIY and upcycling project on YouTube recently. I have been asked several times, where did I get […]