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6 April, 2021

Organizing tools in a small apartment

Dear readers! Ommik develops further! Please, don’t be too harsh, it is my first attempt to be on camera, but I promise I will be improving […]
4 April, 2021

Video of the week: Thrift flip challenge

This week’s video is filmed by Kelsey and Becky from the Canadian DIY channel The Sorry Girls and is called “Thrift flip challenge ft. old DIYs“. […]
27 March, 2021

Video of the week: DIYing viral Pinterest home décor using clay

This week’s video is filmed by Andrew from the Lone Fox channel and is called “DIYing viral Pinterest home décor using clay“. DIYing viral Pinterest home […]
16 March, 2021

3D paper sculptures as home décor

As the continuation of our “cardboard week” in the interior, we would like to introduce you to this incredible product – 3D Paper Sculptures. Guys from […]
15 March, 2021

10 reasons why you hate your apartment so much

In this article, we would like to discuss 10 reasons why you hate your apartment and the interior and how you can fix it. From the […]
11 March, 2021

Sustainable decoration ideas for Easter 2021

Easter holidays are slowly approaching us, which means we have a reason to freshen up our décor for a short while with an Easter theme. I […]
8 March, 2021

Unbelievably strong and stylish cardboard furniture for your home

Have you ever heard about furniture fully made of cardboard? The first time I heard of it, I thought how on earth would someone ever build […]
2 March, 2021

Disassembly instructions from IKEA to extend the life cycle of the furniture

For quite some time now IKEA is trying really hard to rebrand itself as a sustainable business. After all the illegal logging scandals in the past, […]
22 February, 2021

A sustainable version of the famous Eames Elephant

History of the Eames Elephant In the early 1940s American designers, Charles and Ray Eames invented a technique of moulding plywood into three-dimensional shapes. This technique […]
15 February, 2021

Traditional Dala horse, the most typical handmade home décor from Sweden

A traditional Dala horse, or Dalecarlian horse, or Dalahäst in Swedish, is the most traditional home décor from Sweden one can find. It is a typical […]
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