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6 April, 2022

Scandi inspired kitchen appliances

Hello readers! Today I want to talk about my newest find, which I am obsessing about. Scandi inspired kitchen appliances. Recently, I have purchased a new […]
2 April, 2022

Video of the week: Balcony makeover

This week’s video is filmed by Luke Catleugh from the DIY channel with the same name and is called “Balcony makeover | Small renter-friendly | Small […]
30 March, 2022

How to spruce up your balcony and make it cosy for any season

In small apartments, we tend to use every inch of the space at its best. The balconies are not the exception. Of course, this relates to […]
26 March, 2022

Video of the week: DIY small bathroom makeover on a budget

This week’s video is filmed by Til Vacuum Do Us Part from the DIY channel with the same name and is called “DIY small bathroom makeover […]
23 March, 2022

6 simple tips for the bathroom upgrade

I guess, if you end up reading this post, you are sick and tired of your bathroom and in need of some changes. Here we will […]
16 March, 2022

Tips to creating an art gallery wall

Creating an art gallery wall is not a difficult task. This is as simple as it can get and only relates to your sense of creativity. […]
9 March, 2022

5 amazing IKEA hacks in 2022. Part 2

Everybody loves IKEA hacks. I tell you more, my previous IKEA hacks post “5 amazing IKEA hacks in 2022” (links are at the end of this […]
4 March, 2022

Home decor brands that use recycled materials

Oh hello there! Do you remember like one million times me saying how much sustainability is a big thing in my life and my Ommik brand? […]
2 March, 2022

IKEA to rent tiny homes in Japan for less than 1 EUR

The end of 2021 was an interesting year for IKEA Japan. Wait, not only IKEA Japan but IKEA world! What was the whole thing all about? […]
17 February, 2022

Luxury towels

Germany’s quality is worldwide famous. Attention to details and features that improve your life is a common idea behind the German quality of products. And I […]
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