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25 September, 2021

DIY Youtube channels from Germany worth checking in 2021

In this article, we discussed the Best interior blogs to follow in 2021. Now, I would like to change the subject towards the DIY Youtube channels. […]
14 September, 2021

Boho style: when you want to unleash your artistic side

A bohemian style, or boho style, has been in design trends in the past few years and even now it is one of the favourite interior […]
7 September, 2021

#1. What can I do with wine corks?

Question Any ideas what can I do with wine corks? I have tons of them and would like to make a crafts/DIY project to utilise them. […]
4 September, 2021

Unusual lamps for your interior

I am collecting unusual designs of products, interior, or home decor. In this article, I would like to introduce you to three unusual lamps I found […]
31 August, 2021

Japandi style: when Scandinavian Hygge meets Japanese minimalism

Japandi style in the interior might not be yet well-known, but 2021 is definitely a year that started the trend. So what is Japandi style and […]
29 August, 2021

Möbel Höffner shop with me 2021

Today I am going to take you to do a little shopping with me in Möbel Höffner. Let’s go and check it out. Möbel Höffner shop […]
24 August, 2021

#11. How to stop weeds coming through stones?

Question How to stop weeds coming through stones? I’m weeding this every 6-8 weeks and I hate it. Any good ideas for preventing growth? Answers Spray […]
22 August, 2021

Door stopper made of concrete and leather

Today I am going to use concrete in my project for the very first time. I was inspired by the door stopper made of concrete and […]
18 August, 2021

How to spruce up your home during the COVID-19 pandemic recovery

You’ve been at home for months due to the COVID-19 pandemic, staring at the same walls, decor, and furniture. And now that the world is finally […]
16 August, 2021

#10. How to replace laminate boards?

Question How to replace laminate boards? Had some damaged ones and I am trying to replace them but I am having a hard time getting the […]
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