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11 August, 2021

Unusual shelves for your interior

I am collecting unusual designs of products, interior or home decor. In this article, I would like to introduce you to three unusual shelves I found […]
9 August, 2021

#9. How to remove old paint on a wooden porch?

Question How to remove old paint on a wooden porch as painlessly as possible? Answers Strip it. Rent a large random orbital sander from home depot […]
7 August, 2021

Tips on sustainable living you can start right now

My personal biggest passion is sustainable living. I believe in climate change… wait. I hate that sentence, just because I still have to use the word […]
5 August, 2021

A picture-perfect interior that is absolutely impractical

In the age of social media, we love seeing beautiful interior solutions to get inspired. Interior photography, unfortunately, hides a massive problem from the eyes of […]
2 August, 2021

#8. How to get rid of bubbles in a wooden tabletop?

Question How to get rid of bubbles in a wooden tabletop? Answers Put some wood glue in a syringe with a very small needle. Carefully make […]
30 July, 2021

An elegant home office VORSTAND that takes nearly no space in your tiny apartment

Home office culture became the hottest topic in recent years for a well-known reason. For the office plankton like myself, it is so important to have […]
21 July, 2021

#7. How to strip old painted wallpaper?

Question How to strip old painted wallpaper? I’m only making a problem worse. I’m aware I’m probably gonna have to mud this entire wall to do […]
20 July, 2021

Prefabricated tiny houses KODA from Estonia

The tiny house movement is trending as never before for a few different reasons. Prefabricated tiny houses are cheap, minimalistic, luxurious, easy to relocate and they […]
17 July, 2021

#6. How to fix the hole in the foundation?

Question How to fix the hole in the foundation, where mice are entering? Answers Make some mortar. 3 parts sand, 2 parts Portland cement, 1/2 lime. […]
11 July, 2021

Bathroom storage makeover. Found, flipped, sold for 50€

Today I am going to do a bathroom storage makeover and try to sell it for profit. So let’s get started. Bathroom storage makeover In Berlin, […]
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