22 September, 2022

Airbnb room tour: Lighthouse in Croatia

Welcome to my series that I called Airbnb room tour. Last time we started off with a treehouse in France. And now, let’s travel to book […]
5 September, 2022

Video of the week: Meet Framery One – The world’s first connected soundproof pod

This week’s video is shared by a DELIGHT channel and is called “Meet Framery One – the world’s first connected soundproof pod“. Meet Framery One – […]
1 September, 2022

Smart office pods – Nooka Space

Recently I stumbled upon the smart office pods – Nooka Space. The first time I saw the office pods was last year, when I got a […]
29 August, 2022

Video of the week: Emerald Forest treehouse full tour

This week’s video is filmed by a creator Levi Kelly from the channel with the same name and is called “Tiny House w/ a ZIP-LINE! | […]
25 August, 2022

Airbnb room tour: Treehouse in Guyonvelle, France

Welcome to my brand-new series that I called Airbnb room tour. We start off with a treehouse in Guyonvelle, that I find fantastic. For everybody who […]
22 August, 2022

Video of the week: Modular furniture for changing lifestyles

This week’s video is filmed by creators FTPartnerContent from the channel with the same name and is called “Sustainable and innovative: furniture for changing lifestyles“. Modular […]
18 August, 2022

Sustainable modular furniture by wd3 design

Last week I experienced the product called Xbrick – a sustainable modular furniture. That was positively unexpected, since just not long ago I was writing about […]
21 July, 2022

Filo lamp: I want it! What is it?

At first, I had this crazy WTF moment, thinking, what in the world is that? Filo lamps can test your taste preferences, no doubt about that. […]
8 June, 2022

3 Marset lamps – more than pendant lamps

Howdy reader! Today I am going to talk about the lighting company I stumbled upon recently – Marset. Marset lamps, as the company describe itself, are […]
27 April, 2022

Illums Bolighus, Scandinavian design from Denmark

Howdy from sunny Berlin! How is everybody doing? I am doing great because I happened to find this amazing shop of Scandinavian design Illums Bolighus in […]
20 April, 2022

Travel posters from Henry Rivers

If you still can’t decide, what you want to put on your empty walls, and the Scandinavian wall art I talked about is not your thing, […]
6 April, 2022

Scandi inspired kitchen appliances

Hello readers! Today I want to talk about my newest find, which I am obsessing about. Scandi inspired kitchen appliances. Recently, I have purchased a new […]


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