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30 March, 2022

How to spruce up your balcony and make it cosy for any season

In small apartments, we tend to use every inch of the space at its best. The balconies are not the exception. Of course, this relates to […]
26 March, 2022

Video of the week: DIY small bathroom makeover on a budget

This week’s video is filmed by Til Vacuum Do Us Part from the DIY channel with the same name and is called “DIY small bathroom makeover […]
9 October, 2021

My big renovation of a rented apartment

Hello, my dear readers! It has been a few weeks since my last post and now I am back with new ideas. One of my main […]
11 July, 2021

Bathroom storage makeover. Found, flipped, sold for 50€

Today I am going to do a bathroom storage makeover and try to sell it for profit. So let’s get started. Bathroom storage makeover In Berlin, […]
16 May, 2021

Chest of drawers makeover. Found, flipped, sold for 100 €

This week, I am going to do a chest of drawers makeover. For those who don’t know me, I live in Berlin, Germany. One of my […]
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