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6 October, 2022

10 soothing decorating ideas for a stress-free interior

Howdy, super stressed reader. If you haven’t checked yet, in this post we discussed the power of a green colour in the interior, that can create […]
30 March, 2022

How to spruce up your balcony and make it cozy for any season

In small apartments, we tend to use every inch of the space at its best. The balconies are not the exception. Of course, this relates to […]
23 March, 2022

6 simple tips for the bathroom upgrade

I guess, if you end up reading this post, you are sick and tired of your bathroom and in need of some changes. Here we will […]
16 March, 2022

Tips to creating an art gallery wall

Creating an art gallery wall is not a difficult task. This is as simple as it can get and only relates to your sense of creativity. […]
30 November, 2021

How to put wallpaper on the wall alone

As you know, I am in the process of doing an extreme makeover of my living room. My biggest challenge was to learn how to put […]
21 October, 2021

How to choose the right colour in interior design

From the psychological point of view, colours affect our well-being and mood. In this post, I would like to talk about the importance of colour in […]
9 October, 2021

My big renovation of a rented apartment

Hello, my dear readers! It has been a few weeks since my last post and now I am back with new ideas. One of my main […]
24 August, 2021

#11. How to stop weeds coming through stones?

Question How to stop weeds coming through stones? I weed this every 6-8 week and I hate it. Any good ideas for preventing growth? Answers Do […]
18 August, 2021

How to spruce up your home during the COVID-19 pandemic recovery

▷ “How to spruce up your home during the COVID-19 pandemic recovery” is a guest post written by Jackie Waters. You’ve been at home for months […]
16 August, 2021

#10. How to replace laminate boards?

Question How to replace laminate boards? I had some damaged ones, and I am trying to replace them, but I am having a hard time getting […]
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