9 March, 2022

5 amazing IKEA hacks in 2022. Part 2

Everybody loves IKEA hacks. I tell you more, my previous IKEA hacks post “5 amazing IKEA hacks in 2022” became the most trending post on Ommik. […]
25 January, 2022

5 amazing IKEA hacks in 2022

Everybody loves IKEA hacks. For those who are still unaware, the IKEA hack means taking an IKEA product and converting it into something else with much […]

IKEA hacks

This is perhaps the most popular and trendy type of post in Ommik. I search for amazing projects on the internet that could be done at home. Get inspired, hack your furniture and make it look like a hundred Euro bill! Bookmark this page, because it is going to be fun!