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Gaming desk pad


The Minimal Desk Setups Gaming Desk Pad offers an unparalleled gaming experience. Featuring a waterproof coating and an ultra-plush 4mm thick surface, ensures unmatched command and control.

Designed for comfort, the non-slip rubber base ensures it stays put and the durable stitching along the edges prevents fraying, even after years of intense gaming.


Minimal Desk Setups

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Gone are the days of the ‘gamer aesthetic’ and ‘Rainbow RGB everything’. Today, the modern gamer demands simple, sophisticated, yet functional peripherals to compliment the rest of their desk setup. With that in mind, Minimal Desk Setups set out to design the ultimate modern Gaming Desk Pad!

Minimal Desk Setup’s Gaming Desk Pad provides a minimal aesthetic yet maintaining features and characteristics gamers will love!

The large gaming desk pad is optimized for all gaming mouse types, with a water-resistant smooth surface that perfectly ensures pixel-precise tracking for unmatched control.

The desk pad is designed for your comfort in mind and features a 4mm thickness provides the right level of support and comfort, a non-slip rubber base that keeps it in place and stitched edges that resist fraying.

Additional information

The Minimal Desk Setup Gaming Desk Pad is massive, measuring 900 x 400 x 4mm or 35.4'' x 15.7'' x 0.157'' thick, so there's more than enough room for all your gear including a laptop, keyboard, and mouse. The 4mm/0.157'' thickness ensures a comfortable cushioned surface for prolonged gaming sessions.

The Minimal Desk Setup Gaming Desk Pad has an intricately woven surface that's perfect to ensure a smooth glide for your gaming mouse. Whatever your preferred gaming settings are — you're guaranteed pixel-precise control.

The Minimal Desk Setup Gaming Desk Pad features a non-slip rubber base that ensures it stays put even during the most intense sessions. Durable stitching along the edges prevents fraying even after years of heavy use. A water repellent coating ensures that the desk pad is kept clean and stain free for years to come.

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