New in Ommik - check our two services, home office concept and setup (in Berlin).
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Home office concept

49 € *

Let us do the thinking for you and design a perfect home office concept. Simply tell us your preferences, budget and let us surprise you with our wonderful recommendations!

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You are about to order a perfect home office concept. Let us do the thinking for you and deliver the solution that works. We will gather your personal preferences and within a few days will deliver the list of furniture and accessories with a recommendation for where you can purchase them. But let's organize the process in the timeline:

What exactly do we deliver?

Additional information

* 49 € is the cost of projects with budgets below 300 €. Otherwise, it's 20% of the budget.
For example, if your budget for the home office furniture and equipment is 400 €, the price for the service will be 80 € (20% of 400).

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