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25 July, 2022

Video of the week: Top 10 DIY lamp ideas

This week’s video is filmed by a creator, Fia Garcia DIY, from the channel with the same name and is called “Top 10 DIY lamp ideas […]
7 January, 2022

Sustainable alternatives to Christmas trees

Wait, what? It is 2022 already? How did this happen? I am still trying to process 2020… Jokes aside, let’s talk about the sustainable alternatives to […]
12 May, 2021

DIY essentials: affordable tools and materials you absolutely need to start crafting at home

As you all may know, I started showcasing my DIY and upcycling project on YouTube recently. I have been asked several times, where did I get […]
18 April, 2021

Upcycling an old diffuser

This week, I am upcycling an old diffuser and creating a vase with a volcanic rock texture. Upcycling an old diffuser I have this cute diffuser […]
13 February, 2021

Sustainable DIY fox planter | The best birthday gift for a plant lover

Ah, my very first DIY project ever! It was such a nice idea to integrate my love of sustainable living into the birthday gift to my […]
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